Special Delivery

We’re about to release version 3.0 of the iCare solution for our customer, Lullaboo Childcare. It’s a large release, with a lot of new functionality.

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Wrapping It Up

One of the little annoyances with database management is that a lot of database systems address items by their text names – the names the

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Sweet Sixteen

I’ve been playing with FileMaker 16 for a few weeks now. And I am impressed. There are a lot of expanded and new capabilities that

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The Road Ahead

This is kind of a cool development. FileMaker, Inc., has been taking some heat in the last year or so for being too secretive about

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Cloudy Weather Approaching

Some interesting news: FileMaker, Inc., has joined the world of cloud hosting. They’re offering a new service called, oddly enough, FileMaker Cloud. We first saw

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One thing I do for learning is listen to podcasts. Convenient, portable, and very engaging. There are so many podcasts out there it’s impossible to

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Goodbye, Dear Friend

I’m going to take a break from posting on things FileMaker for a bit. Something personally important has happened to us here at Net Caster

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