Giving Back

At Net Caster Solutions, we don’t build software just for the sake of building software (although that’s fun); we don’t build software just to make

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Finding a Perfect Fit

Why are some things so much harder than they ought to be? My office chair recently decided to give up the ghost after a few

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Thinking Globally

FileMaker has some neat features that are pretty much unique to the platform. One of these is so-called “global” fields. (Technically, they’re fields set for

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Christmas Came Early!

I love playing with new toys. But I also love giving things away. I know it’s too early for Christmas, but … what the heck.

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It’s Heeeeeeeeere …

Well, there have been rumors, and nondisclosure agreements, and preview releases, and “neither confirm nor deny” statements, and “may or may not” presentations, and all

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Testing Your Abilities

I’ve said for years I was certifiable. Apparently, FileMaker, Inc. agrees. Recently, I passed the FileMaker 13 certification exam. So I thought I’d post a

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A Cautionary Tale

Have you ever watched one of those nature shows where a cheetah chases down a gazelle? Did you notice how the predator picks out one

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FileMaker Yoga

So you have this great database you designed. Your coworker happens by your desk, looks over your shoulder, and says, “Hey, that looks good. How

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