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Finding a Perfect Fit

Why are some things so much harder than they ought to be?

My office chair recently decided to give up the ghost after a few years’ use. The hydraulic piston just wouldn’t hold me up any more, and sitting at my desk as if I were a small child at the dinner table wasn’t working for me. (Plus, I have some chronic back problems that happened to be flaring up at the same time, so the need was more urgent than usual.) So, off I went with my wife to find a new office chair.

There are a lot of office chairs on the market. That’s not really a bad thing; more choices usually mean you can find something that will work relatively quickly, right? Well, in my case … not so much. It was positively amazing how difficult it was to find a chair that (a) felt good on my back, (b) was a good fit for my height and frame, (c) was comfortable, and (d) didn’t get lousy reviews. I mean, really amazing. We went to multiple stores, I sat in Lord knows how many chairs, and still couldn’t find one I really liked. We ended up buying one that was close (at least I thought), took it home, put it together, and …

Major fail. After about 20 – 30 minutes of sitting in that chair, my back was telling me I made a mistake. Disassemble, return. Wow.

Isn’t it like that with a lot of what we want or need, though? Have you ever tried to force-fit your business into how some commercial software product thinks you should work? Yeah, it can work, and maybe you can live with it, but it never … feels right.

One of the chief services we provide here at Net Caster Solutions is custom software development. Because we don’t think you should have to contort your business around to fit someone else’s software. Nobody likes sitting in a chair that makes your back hurt, right?

If having a comfortable, custom-designed piece of software to run your business sounds good, contact us. We’d love to show you how you can be comfortable with your software. Just like I am with my new chair.