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Giving Back

At Net Caster Solutions, we don’t build software just for the sake of building software (although that’s fun); we don’t build software just to make money (although we can’t stay in business unless we do); we don’t even build software just for the purpose of making your life better as one of our clients (although that’s really important). We exist to assist – to serve.

Naturally, service means giving you, our client, the best possible build and support we can for your tools. But it also means assisting other organizations with their missions, especially when those missions align with our own.

One such organization is WAFJ Christian radio, here in the Augusta area. It’s no secret we run our business in a Christian framework. But becoming a Business Ministry Partner with WAFJ allows us to share some of our profits with an organization that’s doing really wonderful work for the community.

I decided to post about WAFJ at this time because they’ll shortly be kicking off what they call “Friendraiser”, the annual membership campaign. If you’re inclined to support a great organization, we’ll put in a pitch for them. The campaign begins April 26, and you can become a partner through their website here. Any support you give is tax-deductible, which is a nice bonus, and you can qualify for some nice partnership benefits (local store discounts, preferential treatment at WAFJ-sponsored events, contests, and more).

What about you? Does your business support charitable organizations? What do you do to participate in community? Tell us about it in the comments, or through our Contact Us page!