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Goodbye, Dear Friend

I’m going to take a break from posting on things FileMaker for a bit. Something personally important has happened to us here at Net Caster Solutions.

We lost a dear friend and mentor to prostate cancer today.

Our pastor, Chuck Peters, has been battling the disease for six years. He married us when he was already sick, and continued serving our congregation faithfully until he just wasn’t able to any more. The onset of paralysis in his legs left him bedridden for the last few months. Nevertheless, through all of it – the excruciating pain, the disability, the exhaustion – he never failed to send an encouraging message to the church each Sunday. And he always managed to watch the service on the live stream.

True men of service, driven by the Spirit, are rare in this world. We are blessed and grateful for having had Chuck in our lives for as long as we could.

If you would like to read a little more about Chuck’s journey, and perhaps even help the family out with a donation, please visit the YouCaring page his family have set up. He leaves behind a wife and four daughters, and they have significant financial strain because of the extended illness.

Welcome home, Pastor Chuck. We’ll see you again.