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One thing I do for learning is listen to podcasts. Convenient, portable, and very engaging. There are so many podcasts out there it’s impossible to listen to even a small percentage, but one I do listen to is the EntreLeadership podcast, from Ramsey Solutions. Ken Coleman is the host and covers topics dealing with motivation, leadership, personal growth, management, and just all kinds of good information on running a business.

Crucial to success in business – or life – is persistence. I heard a beautiful story on the EntreLeadership podcast today, the story of Dr. BIll Davis. Dr. Davis is a chiropractor specializing in the upper neck. Or at least he was, until a few years ago. Seems he was out mountain biking with some friends and took a bad fall. He landed on his head, breaking his neck. Wound up paralyzed from the chest down. He has partial use of one hand, that’s all.

Well, when he got out of the hospital, he returned to his office to find business down by 80%, despite the efforts of several friends to cover his patient load. Naturally, he was no longer able to treat patients himself, so, eventually, the practice closed. What to do?

Wouldn’t you know, a friend asks him to write some for his blog. So Dr. Davis does that. One thing leads to another, and Dr. Davis winds up assisting this friend with his digital marketing strategy.

Today, Dr. Davis runs his own digital marketing firm, targeting specifically chiropractors who specialize in upper cervical treatment – just like he used to do. And he makes more money than he did when he was actually treating patients.

He says today that his body is broken, he has many challenges, and he’s in constant pain, but his mind still works. And he found a way to serve despite circumstances that would cause a lot of people to give up. The lesson? You’re not done until the obese genteel woman serenades you.

We love stories like this. They remind us that, no matter what struggles you have, it’s still possible to win – if you just refuse to give up. You might have to change direction, you might have to take a pause, but giving up? That’s a guaranteed loss.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Davis. We all can use a reminder of what’s possible from time to time.