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Bar Code Reading

FileMaker makes it remarkably easy to read bar codes with iOS devices. The attached demo file shows you how it’s done. Using just three fields, one script, and two auto-enter calculations, you can parse thousands of bar codes in a dozen or so different types (including QR codes).

Here’s how the file works: Just load it to your iOS device (after installing FileMaker Go from the App Store) and tap the “Capture” button. Point the camera at a bar code. The file will capture the bar code image and display it and its content on screen. We’ve left the image visible so you can see how it works, and the type of bar code will appear at the top of the screen.

This file doesn’t actually do anything with the bar code information; for that, you’d need to tie it to a back-end database appropriate to the bar code type. Also, we didn’t restrict the type of bar code read – but you can certainly do that with FileMaker if your business flow requires it.

If you want to see how it works, just load the file using FileMaker Pro or Advanced on your desktop computer. Free for the inspecting!