For custom solutions and consulting, we prefer to work on an hourly basis. (Contact us for current rates.) We do offer discounted rates for nonprofit and religious entities, and have been known to do work pro bono.

In all cases, our initial consultation with you is at no charge.

We invoice each month or portion thereof for hourly work. Payment is due on invoicing, and is considered past due 30 days after the invoice date. Past due invoices will be charged 1-1/2% interest per month or portion thereof, or less if required by applicable law. Regrettably, work cannot be performed for clients with past due balances.

Our normal practice is to retain source code ownership on the solutions we build. This is done primarily to protect the integrity of our solutions. (If we allow end users to modify the code, we can’t guarantee the solutions will operate as we’ve designed them.) However, under some circumstances, we can release the source code to you, provided you agree to a waiver of liability for any irregularities that result.

At various points on our web site, we ask for a minimum of personal information about you (typically, an e-mail address). This is our privacy policy regarding the information we request:
  • We do not share or sell any personally identifiable information about you, including your full name, your e-mail address, or any other personal information you may share with Net Caster Solutions. If you use your full name in a comment or testimonial post, it will automatically be posted on the web site, but we do not sell or share the information with third parties. We do not post e-mail addresses.
  • We request e-mail addresses to verify your identity and to have a method to contact you in the event we need to verify information you’ve posted or requested. We do not use it for any other purposes, unless you elect to be included in our mailing list. (You can do so by visiting our Contact page.)
  • Should you engage in a private discussion with an employee of Net Caster Solutions, we maintain confidentiality regarding the contents of those discussions and do not divulge the contents of those conversations without your express written consent.
  • As an exception to the confidentiality statement, we are required by law to report any statements which we believe in good faith indicate an intent to harm either yourself or a third party, disclose criminal activity, or which we otherwise are required to divulge by law.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.