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Regan Boudreaux, Hargrove Inspection Services

We hired Net Caster Solutions to design an application on the iPad for our company. From the very beginning Mike was very easy to work with, communicated very well, responded quickly to emails or calls, and in general was very easy to work with. We were very pleased with the first phase of the project, and how easy he was to work with on the debugging process. He has been very patient with us as we work through all the details of this project, make changes and tweaks, ask questions, or share concerns. This has been a huge project for our company, and we could not be more pleased with how Mike has handled himself and the product he has delivered.

Over the years in business we have worked with a handful of programmers for various projects. In general they are not the most easy people to work with as they may be very technically savvy, but not really able to communicate well with a client. That is not Mike. He has the technical expertise as well as the ability to communicate, and meet his deadlines. And the design of the product is also very user-friendly as he considers what it will be like to be an end user of what it is he is designing. Multiple times he has given us good advice on which direction to take the design as to not frustrate the end-user, but make the process more seamless and smooth for them. We highly recommend Net Caster Solutions.