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Steven Mueller, President, System Enterprises LLC

My background: I’ve been programming since 1996 on Filemaker, and was a project manager for an AWS400 (IBM ERP) and a project manager for Opentabs/Ofbiz (an Open Source ERP/CRM based on MYSQL)

I have worked with many programmers throughout the years on many different projects.

I use Mike’s support for solving complex issues for my CRM/ERP solution I don’t know how to do and for help in utilizing the new features of Filemaker 13.

We use screen sharing to explain my problems and this is my experience with him:

  • I show him complex issues, and it takes literally seconds for him to understand my fields, relationships, functions, etc., and he gets what I have done. Really, this is the most amazing thing with Mike: that he can understand so quickly what I do, and how I did it.
  • Then, he shows me on my system how to solve the problem, fast, logically, and very elegantly. And he remembers the syntax of my fields and scripts.
  • The next time we get together, he remembers what we had done and how we did it.

I can say, that I’m blessed to have Mike to help me. It makes my life so much easier. In the past, when I had an issue, I sat on my computer for hours trying to solve it. Now, if I encounter such an issue, I note it down and wait for the next session or email him. I have gained lots of time.

Having spent not even dozens of hours with Mike, I know he can help you, either with you on your system or programming you a solution.